Hair Dryer Sound , ASMR 3 Hours

by Acerting Art

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Hair Dryer Sound for 3 HOURS ! This ASMR video (autonomous sensory meridian response) will be your best way to enjoy in your ears the sound of a hair dryer blowing around your head. Recorded in binaural stereo has an awesome 3D effect that will help you to sleep very quickly.

Also, this kind of sound it's categorized as White Noise. The white noise is a continuous and uniform sound that helps to mask other loud sounds. Examples of white noise could be: hair dryer , vacuum cleaner , even a waterfall or TV static noise.

The real length of this recording is 35 minutes ( the hair dryer will burn if was real 3 hours ! ), and I looped a few sequences to reach 3 hours and make a good relaxation video :)

I hope you'll enjoy it.


released February 23, 2015